Rebecca & Douglas
      Douglas and Rebecca have always enjoyed horses and working with them. Rebecca grew up on a farm that used horses for farming. They had close to 30 head that they worked with daily.
      After Rebecca graduated from high school she went down to South Dakota and worked for a ranch for the summer and gained more experience. Rebecca than attended the University of Minnesota - Crookston in the Equine department. While there she studied horses more closely and continued to increase her knowledge and experience with them.
      Douglas and Rebecca met Nicky Overgaard while Rebecca attended college and this is when they started the plans to build a nice horse facility in the Grand Forks area.
      They have owned the farm since 1998. They purchased it a year after the great flood in the Grand Forks area and have never regretted it. It is a beautiful location and has beautiful sights with the Marais running right next to it. They decided to build the barn in 2000 with plans for that taking over a year because they wanted to make sure that it was done right the first time. As you can see, everything worked out smoothly. They plan to continue to build a bigger and better facility for all of their customers now and those in the future.
      Douglas and Rebecca have the experience needed to run a large boarding facility. Rebecca always wanted to own a nice horse facility. She can think of northing more enjoyable than to have a job that she loves and this is it.

      Douglas and Rebecca would like to thank all of their lesson students and boarders for their support. This could never happen without you!


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